The stories in

Méliès' Notebook

are illustrated with drawings, photographs and photo collages by the author.
Here we present some of them in large size and full color.
Click on the images to enlarge.

Do Not Let the BedBugs Bite

In the Victorian era, a hunter of paranormal "psychical parasites" nearly meets his match.

The Demon Underground

At the beginning of the American Civil War,
a lone farrier unwittingly frees Death from ancient bondage.

Saturday Just After Six

Trying to assign motivation and character to someone you don't know.

Fern: A Fragment

In a troubling time, an artist consults a sister she doesn't have for advice.

"Quisney World"

Life in a world controlled by a certain Entertainment Conglomerate hardly bears thinking about...

"Black Book"

The entries in a gentleman's Little Black book reveal much about his character.

"City of Calibans"

In a dystopian future, the "Creatives" are ruled with an iron hand by "Producers"
-- who have a special punishment in store for anyone who steps outside the boundaries of blandness.

The Book's Epigram

... is a favorite quote from one of the great modern practitioners of fiction.

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